Environment, Social & Governance


• Aurelia is committed to environmental stewardship of the land where it operates
• Full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report prepared by Xenolith Environmental Consultants, a multi-disciplinary team of 14 professionals.
• Adhered to World Bank guidelines on Environmental Assessment and International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
guidelines, plus United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and Convention on Biological Diversity.
• Approved by The Federal Ministry of Environment, Abuja.


Active social programme at Babban Tsauni since company inception
Renovated Babban Tsauni School as part of early social programme.
Further community needs to be addressed in Community Development Plan (in progress).
Strong and supportive indigenous shareholder base who have a vested interest in the success of the project.
Public support from governmental bodies including Ministry of Mines and Steel & Nigeria Geological Survey Agency (“NGSA”)
Comprehensive Public Consultation and review Plan (“PCRP”) carried out which revealed strong public interest and support (i.e host community)
for the Project. Includes support from village chief and elders.


• Aurelia Board member extensive history on public company Boards (including full London listed companies).